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BİL255 - Advanced Computer Programming

Instructor: Asst.Prof.Mehmet FİDAN
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: C# 2010 for programmers (Fourth Edition) Paul Deitel and Harvey Deitel
Grading: Quiz:%15, Proje:%15, 1. Arasınav: %15, 2. Arasınav: %15, Final:%40
Other Resources: Learn C#(Android and Apple Application by Sololearn Inc.),
Course Outline:
0. Week

Introduction, Coding, Analysis, Algorithms, Intro to Visual Studio

1. Week

Exercises about Console Input and Output Functions (Write, Writeline, Read, Readline)

Exercies about Variable Types(Int, Float, String, etc.) and Constants

2. Week

Implicit-Explicit Convertion

Boolean Expressions

Control Statements(If-else-elseif)

3. Week

Control Statements (Switch-Case)


4. Week

Loops(For, Continue, Break)

5. Week

6. Week

Arrays(Searching, sorting, multidimensional arrays, indexing, collections)

7. Week

8. Week


9. Week

Object Oriented Programming


10. Week

Classes and Functions

11. Week

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