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ENM407B - System Analysis

Instructor: Araş.Gör.Dr.Gülçin Dinç YALÇIN
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: 1) Bowman, K. (2004). System analysis: A Beginner’s Guide. Palgrave Macmillan, New York. 2) BPMN 2.0 by example, OM Document Number: dtc/2010-06-02
Other Resources: ; Lucidchart - Collaborative Diagramming
Course Outline:
1. Week

The syllabus is in the attached file.

2. Week

Introduction to System Analysis and The Current System

3. Week

Modeling the data structure and Quiz

4. Week

The Logical View and Quiz

5. Week

Business System Option and Quiz

6. Week

1st midterm

7. Week

Requirement Specifications and Quiz

8. Week

Normalization and Quiz

9. Week

The first presentations and report for the projects.

10. Week


11. Week

2nd midterm

12. Week

Technical and Physical Design, Database Design and Quiz

13. Week

BPMN and Quiz. 


See also: 

14. Week

The final presentations and report for the projects.

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