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MAT805 - Calculus-I

Instructor: Prof.Refail KASIMBEYLİ
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: Calculus (A Complete Course) R Adams, C Essex
Other Resources:
Course Outline:
1. Week

Preliminary 1: Real Numbers and the Real Line

Preliminary 2: Cartesian Coordinates in the Plane

2. Week

Preliminary 3: Graphs of Quadratic Equations

Preliminary 4: Functions and Their Graphs

Preliminary 5: Combining Functions to Make New Functions

Preliminary 6: Polynomials and Rational Functions


3. Week

Preliminary 7: The Trigonometric Functions

Ch 1.1 Examples of Velocity, Growth Rate and Area

Ch 1.2 Limits of Functions

Ch 1.3 Limits at Infinity and Infinite Limits

4. Week


Ch 1.4 Continuity

Ch 1.5 Formal Definition of Limit

Ch 2.1 Tangent Lines and Their Slopes

Ch. 2.2 Derivatives

5. Week

Exam week

6. Week

Ch. 2.3 Differentiation Rules

Ch 2.4 The Chain Rule

Ch. 2.5 Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions


7. Week

Ch. 2.6 Higher-Order Derivatives

Ch. 2.7 Using Differentials and Derivatives

Ch. 2.8 The Mean Value Theorem



8. Week

Ch. 2.9 Implicit Differentiation

Ch. 2.10 Antiderivatives and Inıtial Value Problems

Ch 3.1 Inverse Function

Ch. 3.2 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Ch 3.3 Natural Logarithm and Exponential


9. Week

Ch 3.4 Growth and Decay

Ch 3.5 The Inverse Trigonometric Functions

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